Pressure Difference Between the Ears

The video below shows the effect of the spatially varying pressure field at fixed frequencies.  In both simulations and measurements, for individual loudspeakers it was observed that the difference in SPL between the listener ears was large.  The acoustic pressure contours taken through cut planes close to the listener illustrate the modal pressure field and reason for the SPL difference.

Simulated and Experimental Results to 2.5kHz for Mid-Rear Seat (individual ear responses - red = right ear)

 Simulated  Experimental

The dip at 148Hz does not significantly appear in the experimental data.  This is probably a result of the guessed boundary impedances changing the distribution of pressure within the cabin causing the SPL results to be slightly different at the reciever positions.


Animated Pressure Contours:  The animation illustrates the complexity of the pressure field surrounding the mid-rear passenger which is dependent on the boundary impedance

In a typical audio system however, it is unlikely that any passenger would experience such a pressure variation between the ears because multiple loudspeakers would be operating.